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Litter Human

We are always told to do "our bit" by the men in the blue suits running the huge corporations that produce the single use plastic or the mass amount of plastic pollution.

There is only so much change you can make from recycling.
Imagine the impact of those barking orders at us, could do if they changed their ways for the would be tremendous!

You wouldn't want what's happening to our beautiful creatures, happen to us, so why do we stand by and let it happen?

There is no planet B!

Plagued with Darkness

Over a year in and on our third lockdown in the UK, the end is on the horizon. After an awful year+ and millions of lives lost to the virus and suicide, Covid seemed to be dying itself. Although I won't hold my breathe.

As restrictions ease, Covid is sat there...watching...waiting with new strains...
Will it ever go away?

It seems that every time restrictions are reduced, people relax and normality is ever closer; it strikes again! BAM! Another lockdown, life put on hold once again, people's mental health pushed aside, university students neglected and young people blamed for another 6 months.

When we think we have a grip of it all, we are welcomed into yet another lockdown, with little to no support from our government. This is not something I want to go through again.

Stranger Danger

Ghost Series