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An Introduction to Me

Hello, my name is Rebecca Powell, and I am a Kent/ East Sussex based photographer with the aim to tell stories through conceptual and portrait photography. I began my journey as a landscape photographer and have slowly transitioned into having portrait and conceptual photography as my focus. It is important to tell a story as honest and as raw as possible – with words, that’s where I felt I fell short. Pictures speak louder than words.

I am lucky enough to have had my previous work in a few local exhibitions and shoot the artwork for an up-and-coming musician’s EP cover.

Photography has become a huge part of my life over the years. It has grown from a hobby to a dream career and for me that is a blessing. As I have gotten older, words have become harder for me to use as I no longer know how to describe my feelings and in a way that people will understand. Photography has become the perfect outlet for me to open up but also be creative - which was never something I would describe me as...creative.

I am influenced by many things; darkness, light, deeper meanings, interpretation, change. I know these are very broad but something that provokes thought is something that will attract me. There is light and dark everywhere, in every aspect of life. There is always something beyond the surface. The world is seen differently by each individual creature. In a world of opinions, many hateful and angry opinions; the world changes for the better and for the worst every day. This intrigues me. How humans cope, function and exist is so very fascinating to me.

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